Details About Pricing

Payment Information

All prices are in Canadian funds.

The minimum charge for any work done is one hour.

Installation Fees, On-Site Work, and Customizations are all charged at $79.95 per hour.  A quote is given and needs approval before any work is delivered.  No charges will be billed to a customer until the quote is approved by the customer.  Once the quote is approved, the customer will not be charged more than the quote states for the project defined.

Prices, of the web based programs, are for purchasing licenses to run the programs created.  All programs remain the property of Jeremy Wilkins and may not be resold.  The full program of new programs may be purchased for a higher price and will not be retained by Jeremy Wilkins if the customer chooses.  Please mention if you desire to buy your proposed program when you first contact him because this decision must be included in the initial product quote.

The Currently Accepted Payment Options are Paypal (Includes Mastercard, Visa, and American Express), Interac Money E-mail Transfers, and Business Cheques.  Other methods may be added as required.

Hosting Fee Explanation

The hosting fee varies depending on the option chosen and is not included in the initial purchase price of any product.

The most common option which includes the top security on reliable servers, is $29.95 per month. This includes 1 gigabyte of storage, and 10 gigabytes of transfer (per month) hosted on the secure Datakey Live domain. The second option for $39.95 per month, gives the freedom of having your own domain and options to upgrade to the top security options (extra security fees involved). The third option has no hosting fee, but includes advertisements and the website has no security options.

Most often, the fee is billed yearly.

Access databases and other non-web based programs that are not hosted on Datakey Live do not pay hosting fees, however, Installation Fees may be charged extra as explained on your quote.

Possible Travel Costs

Traveling costs may be charged to the customer for any chargeable on-site work.  This will be defined on the quote if it applies to the customer.  Travel costs vary depending on location, length of stay, and method of transportation necessary.